Making the world a better place

Going green

Protection of the environment must be the top priority in our daily life. Starting with waste sorting, every single one of us can make a personal contribution to the cause. Of course, that’s not enough and companies in every sector need to change their way of working and producing goods and services. What do we do on our Estates? We apply organic methods in our vineyards, and we give top priority to biodiversity, with careful use of pesticides, and we have eliminated any animal products from farming practices. In my presentations and lessons around the world I share my eco-friendly wine production experiences, and I try to persuade as many producers as possible to change their philosophy and join the cause. What can you do? Mind what you buy and don’t be afraid to spend a little more for a green product.

Empowering rural areas

There’s a constant worldwide trend of people moving from the countryside to the cities. According to the United Nations, by 2050, two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas. People seek better employment opportunities and think that cities can offer them, so they leave behind the countryside. It’s a trend that unites rich and poor countries, from the northern to the southern hemisphere. Of course, this shift creates disparities and an increase in urbanization with direct fallout on our environment. We believe that the only solution is to empower rural areas and create local businesses that will give people the chance to stay where they were born or to move out to where the grass is green and the sky is blue!!! Investing in sustainable wine production is our way of helping the world, creating eco-friendly businesses away from urban areas. We invest in young people who decide to stay in the rural areas where our Estates are located, creating job opportunities, and training the next generation of winegrowers.