Idi di Marzo

Perfectly Imperfect

Wine certified
Sustainable, Vegan
Vino Rosato d’Italia
40% Sangiovese, 30% Nero di Troia and 30% Nerello Mascalese
Training System
Yield per Hectare
120 quintals
Harvest Period
between the end of August and the second ten days of September
cold maceration; soft pressing of the skins
8 days in stainless steel tanks at 14 – 16° C
on fine lees, in steel vats for 1 month and in bottle for 1 month years
2 years
750 ml, 1,5 lt

Tasting notes

We have sought perfection in the skilful union of the grapes harvested from three wonderful vineyards overlooking the sea. Three exclusive marine locations in Southern Italy, scattered between Abruzzo, Puglia and Sicily, where the beauty of the coasts blends with that of the seas that bathe them. These are the magical places of cultivation of Sangiovese, Nero di Troia and Nerello Mascalese grapes from which is born. Perfection does not exist, but the beauty of these lands and the wisdom of the winemakers who populate them have allowed us to touch it.

Once harvested, the bunches are placed in contact with dry ice, which causes a sudden drop in temperature and allows the preservation of the aromas naturally contained in the grapes. In the cellars the vinification begins with a cold maceration, like a white wine, with soft pressing of the skins, separated after only 4 hours from the musts to give an elegant shiny pink color; a short fermentation at controlled temperature follows for 8 days. Once the fermentations are completed separately, the three wines are blended together for then resting a month in stainless steel tanks and another one in the bottle.
The result is a nectar that releases delicate aromas of rose and wild berries accompanied by hints of myrtle and maritime pine. Very fresh in the mouth, excellent taste-olfactory correspondence with hints of rose in the finish, it’s ideal with raw fish and fish first courses.

Womans hand holding and turning rose wine glass during tasting

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Idi di Marzo
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